Tide Wave LED Light Up Sneakers


$56.00 USD $80.00 USD
SKU: 16341361-black-9

Fashionable, colorful and flashing, this flashing LED Light Up Sneakers pair will fill you with optimism and the power to seize the day!

Feel inspired to make the most of your walking, hiking or dancing with the #1 pair of flash shoes made with micro Fiber-Optics for guaranteed longevity.

They will easily match any casual outfit, making your wardrobe centerpiece for many years to come!

The Perfect LED Shoes For Women & Kids!

A MUST-HAVE accessory for active fashionable women of all ages, these flash women's shoes will add a touch of originality to your trendy looks!

Easily seen from a distance, they will illuminate your kid's steps at night, so that you keep eye-contact with your little adventurer at all times.

Performance gear for performance and party. These sneakers were made from fiber optic cloth + elastic EVA sole. Durable sneakers for daily activity and fun time.

  • Fiber Optic Cloth + Elastic EVA Sole.
  • High-Temperature Resistance & Water Repellent.
  • 11 Light Modes with easy switch control.

 USE Instruction:

  • Switch Button is hidden inside the pull strap on the heel. Press the button to turn on the light and change the lighting modes. Press the same button and hold for 3 seconds to turn off the light.
  • Fully charge both shoes in 2-3 hours! No complicated wiring, no short circuits, just impressive luminous steps for up to 9 hours!

Gently scrub dirt and dust off the surface and avoid immersing in water to enjoy them fresh like brand new for many, many years!

size chart of led light up sneakers


  1. Our size is not standard US size, and it is only equal to foot length!
  2. The size standards of different countries or different manufacturers are different, your foot length is the sole criterion for choosing the size.
  3. To avoid high customs tax, All of the shoes will be shipped without "shoes' box", If you want the box, please leave us a message.