Three Color UV Equalizer of LED Light T Shirts


$30.00 USD 
SKU: 11996058-h006-s

Get the first light-up shirts disco encounter. These nifty Flashing LED Light T-Shirts to unite an Electro Luminescence Graphic Equaliser screen with fresh new designs. The graphic equalizer reacts to the music about you, jumping in the time to your beats.

This LED Light T Shirts has an electroluminescent panelLED-SHIRTS-SIZE-CHART-BLACK (EL) across the front that reacts to music and visualize it in time with whatever you are listening to. This shirt lights up and reacts to sound and It has a volume control for the sensitive of music.

  • Dark high cotton t-shirt with audio activated LED Panel.
  • Each coat has an adjusted volume detector to correct for the speed of the flashing. 
  • Hand Washes Only! Removable mini-pack or controller unit for washing machine.
  • Mini package Has a turn ON / OFF and sensitive scroll wheel you can select either low or high sensitivity to noise.
  • It requires four standard AAA Batteries (not included).
  • A battery pack cleverly is hidden within an inside shirt pocket.

  • Good for music or dance fans and sports fans, especial for hip-hop fans.