About Us

LightBalance.co is among the largest Internet resellers of LED Party goods and electronic gadgets.We're revolutionizing how you walk, you wear and way of life.

Our company philosophy is simple: give consumers and businesses what they need, when they need it. We never stop improving our world-class operation by placing our clients - and their needs - original.

We provide our clients hundreds of products, and our listing of product categories and product offerings is growing daily. LightBalance.co customers know they are getting the lowest prices and exclusive offers on a massive array of products such as Led, gadgets, gifts, automobile, spy, trend and a lot more. Plus, we provide other hot items like LED t-shirts, LED Shoes & Boots, Glow El cables, Lamp night and lamp decoration and so forth.

Our great relationships with all the significant vendors mean our clients will always find exceptional deals on hot products from each product segment. And to help our clients pick the appropriate products, we make it simple to find availability, pricing, reviews, and evaluations.

We guarantee that by adhering to our Code of Practice. We make sure that our suppliers abide by our code or adhere to similar principles. We do our best to conduct reasonable and legitimate relationships with all of our business partners.

When choosing suppliers and retailers, personal relationships or obtaining an advantage of any sort is never a critical element. All that counts is quality, integrity, and experience.
Certificates and official seals exist to record criteria such as the cultivation and production of cotton in addition to the manufacturing conditions in which the products are manufactured (e.g. the lack of lead in children's items and other issues associated with lead or PVC material). Every certificate has to be renewed annually.