One Wheel Shoes Basket S Pulley Wheels Light Shoes with Wings


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  • Zip and zoom in style with a pair of vibrant, dazzling shoes! 
  • Features a single wheel in each heel for easy gliding 
  • LED lights add even more fashionable attention to your stylin' feet! 
  • Great for girls and boys both with black & red and pink color choices and rainbow LED light selection! 
  • Hermes 3D wings add an element of fashion to the sleek design
  • Breathable cotton fits comfortable and doesn't slip
  • Velcro hook & loop clasp is easy and reliable with lace-up ties underneath 
  • Rubber soles won't slid or catch on the group while gliding 
  • Brighten up your wardrobe with bling, wheels, and gleams! 
  • Great all year round and for any setting