Battery Level LED Flashing Cotton T-Shirt (Sound Activated)


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"Oh my God! Your heart's got a battery."

This LED T-shirt is really impressive. At the sound of music, it glows and reacts as the beat goes flow; in this case, a moving battery level from an empty bar to full bar. Let's go briefly on a trip to Wonderland. Here, you'd get to see the essential features of this fantastic T-shirt.

  • It has an electro-luminescent Graphics Equalizer screen that responds to the sound of music, and glows as a result, with its patterned movement making it unique. 
  • It possesses a professionally engineered audio activated battery. Are you in a Disco night party? Or you want to create a party for you and your friends. Well, the stage is set, you've got lights on you; the only thing needed is music, and alas! Let the party begin! The sound is what initiates the glow, but visible only in the dark. 
  • Waoh! This feature amazes me a lot. The Sound Activated LED T-shirt has an adjustable volume control which can be used to control the sensitivity of the sensor to react with the beat of the sound into movement speed. 
  • This light up shirt have many amazing qualities features. You probably do not know that you can adjust it's sensitivity to noise. Well, you can! You can toggle between a low and high sensitivity. Isn't it lovely? 
  • To ensure longevity, please wash with your hands. However, you can remove the control unit if you must use a machine. 
  • To make this shirt work, you need four standard AAA batteries; but sorry, we aren't going to provide that. You can get them at the closest stores to you.