How the Light Up Shirts Works?

How the Light Up Shirts Works?

What is Light Up Shirts? And, how this T-shirt could light up and move as the beat goes? These t-shirts were utilized the electroluminescent or "EL Panel" technologies to make them flash. EL panel (LED Panel) is made of thin paper, flexible, elastic and waterproof material. But, this not mean you could wash it directly into the water, especially when it still connected with the battery pack. The LED Panel also is thin and flexible, which that means you will feel like wearing a classic t-shirt. LED panel is connected to the T-Shirt using a Velcro zip. The mini control box is supplied separately and it may be flashed to your belt. You may switch the on/off button at the miniature control box (inverters) to control the lights and the sound sensitivity.

Main Component of Light Up Shirts

The T-Shirt

Our t-shirts are 100% cotton and specially made to have the sleeve and pocket for the battery pack. We don't use name brand t-shirts. We prefer to use black t-shirts since the light upward design stands out longer against the comparison.

The EL Panel or LED Panel

This is the "EL Panel" that's connected to the t-shirt. It's what your design is printed on. When you turn it on it is going to light up in various animations. This EL panel will animate as the beat of the music or sound just like an equalizer in your hi-fi system. The el panels can be attached with velcro or stitched on to the tops directly. Light up t-shirts or LED T-Shirts with sewn on panels are hand wash just whereas velcro lets you peel the panel off and wash normally.

The Battery Pack

There's a hidden pocket on the inside bottom left of the light up shirts for the battery pack to sit. It Isn't too noticeable if you leave it in the pocket but you can also attach it to your belt buckle or put it in your pocket. Power is provided through a tiny battery pack using 2x AAA batteries. They are long-lasting and durable. The EL panels use a backlighting effect that glows through the material, so design lights up in an animated screen. 

Inside Out The LED T-Shirts

components-of-light-up-shirtsConnecting Plug

This is where the battery pack plugs into the panel. Be very careful when you unplug the battery pack and make sure you do not pull on the ribbon cable. You can also plug the connection in the other way and it will light up in the opposite direction.

Fabric Sleeve

This sleeve made of soft cotton material covers the thin wire from the battery pack so you don’t feel it on your skin in the light up t-shirt.


Battery Pack

The small battery pack sits in a pocket in the shirt and has a convenient belt clip so you can attach it to your pants or put it in your pocket.

How Could The T-Shirt Light Up?

The sound activated battery pack lights up exclusively to sound and music, similar to an equalizer. It doesn’t have to be an equalizer.

There is a tiny microphone in the battery pack that detects noise. This option is best for concerts, or where there is a lot of noise. There is an ON/OFF switch on the battery pack and a dial to adjust the sensitivity if it is too loud or quiet. If you are standing close to a speaker you would want to turn the sensitivity down so it lights up with the beat of the music. This battery pack takes 2 x AAA batteries ( not included).

This LED T-shirt is perfect for concerts, music shows, dance teams, bands, DJ’s, parties much more.

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